Decoded Light to Add Print Feature.

One of the nice things about being in commerce is that you make money and therefore you don’t need to make everything about money.

I don’t want everything I do to be about Money. Many of my publications are not monetised at all.

But I will be monetising Decoded light, not really for the purpose of making money. Id probably be happy If I made $100 a year from this site to cover core costs.

I just want print functionality. When I look at my own pictures I see a handful that are cool enough to want something printed of. So I will probably end up selecting specific images and trying to make products available. Realistically I think at this stage I will try to make most of the products prints. And do some testing myself to see if the output is a high enough quality.

Just a cool way to extend the project, test the quality of what I am producing and push myself to do better quality work.

When we add products check out our ‘print’ section.

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