Explaining Decode Sync Keys Using the Sync Key “Tsunami” (Stu/Nami)

I announced these a while ago. I want to drop the first one now. I won’t be using these much. But when I Have one valuable that I think is needed, I will publish a “Decode Synchronisation Key”. I have already shared it with you. But Because it’s going around..you’ll get it easier. So The… Continue reading Explaining Decode Sync Keys Using the Sync Key “Tsunami” (Stu/Nami)

Adam Black

Ladies & Gentlemen. Adam Black. Blacker than The Blackness. Adam Black.

Come On People.

Is this the first time you lot have unbound a man from a hermetic curse? I mean…you don’t seem very experienced. You could have prepared an itinerary for me.

Masonic Measurements: #1 The Checkerboard

This is a common Masonic Measure. Just two examples. If you a man above it means something and if you put them below. It means something else. The Checkerboard in Masonry Relates the the Biblical vs about eating from the tree of knowledge of good an evil.

Introducing Decode Bounties

I Can’t express enough how Important trying new things has been in my life. Right now i’m looking back on a lot of things that I did decades ago now and they still seem really fresh. And then as I write this i’m still trying new things. It gives you an atmosphere of optimism. Anyways… Continue reading Introducing Decode Bounties

What is the First Light?

I don’t know exactly but here is a Guess. I guess it is relating to light or consciousness experiences that you have when you enter higher states of spiritual awakening. Maybe these are changes to your consciousness abilities as you begin to enter spirit. Where is it referenced? At First Light – Jason The Stoner.… Continue reading What is the First Light?

A Real Chicken Story.

I find it really frustrating listening to those decoders who turn every food reference into a pedo reference. I see some guys do that, they fuck up the intelligent shit. They get every basic core piece of decoding wisdom wrong. Yet every vegetable reference is about pedos. Anyways. This is a real chicken story. That… Continue reading A Real Chicken Story.

Once You Go Holy. There Is No Going Back.

Im pretty Sure that that is a truism. Once you go Holy, There is no Going Back. I mean, you could like go on a 6month long fast food binge. That might work. But I think once you go full blown head holy. Aimed at said Holy Hole. No Going back.