Introducing Love Cat.

Because This Is My Cat Blog Spot. Thought I Would Post This Here.

When I Was Travelling, Decided I Wanted A Cat.

I Picked Up Love Cat A Few Weeks Ago.

When I Got Her There Were 2 Cats To Choose From. I Picked Up Love Cat Second. Unlike The First Cat, Love Cat Looked Me Right In The Eyes. So I Chose Her.

She Lives Up To Her Name. She Always Sits Right On My Chest. She Sleeps Beside Me Most Night And Sometimes Sleeps Right Beside My Head On The Pillow.

She Spends A Lot Of Time Licking My Face. So I Don’t Need To Bath Anymore.

Really Chose The Right Cat. She Is Lovely.

Will Post Some More Photos Videos Soon.

Coming To You. From. Above The Cat.

Mum Took These Photos.


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