CEX Coffs Harbour – We Bow Down to Paedophile War Criminals

We Bow Down
We Bow Down

One thing I have learned in my own journey is that the youth do not owe the elderly any respect If they do not conduct themselves respectably in their own lives. 

Too many people in our nation bow down to Paedophile war criminals. How can we be expected to continue to pay taxes and participate in society when the leaders we pay to are known war criminals? How should we feel when the media in this country continue to feature images of families who are known to have hunted children on horse back? “We Bow Down to Paedophile War Criminals” is sponsored by your local CEX Coffs Harbour. It’s A Fuckin Tip. And you guessed it. We bow down to paedophile war criminals. 

CEX Your members are disrespectful, slothenly unconscious pigs who have nothing better going for them than the prospect of winning a meat tray. If you actually stood for anything, you’d be focused on the same thing as us. Having War criminals that seem to run around with impunity tried and incarcerated. But you won’t do that. Because you don’t stand for shit. If you think we’re about to get anymore graceful in our communications on this matter. You’re mistaken. We’re not going to let Australia be hijacked by Police State, War Criminal Mafioso. We’re going to keep screaming out loud. You send a message to your members and let them know to watch how they conduct themselves in this town. Because we don’t bow down to Paedophile war criminals. Never Have. Never will. Cex Coffs Harbour. It’s a Fuckin Tip

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