The Situation.


The situation is pretty dire. 
They’re here to take our Holy Empire. 
Our ancient craft has been defiled. 
I know exactly how this lodge was tyled. 
With Jews pushing their fraud and vice.
And acts of human sacrifice. 
Their modus op is hella dodge.
To serve you up a bunch of stodge
Cooked up in their Masonic Lodge
To give your brain a jolly rodge. 
They’re all a bunch of fuckin sooks. 
Who’ll cast your way some sideways looks.
When we say straight with no lines nor hooks.
Those were jewish crimes by jewish crooks. 
And now we can see through their con. 
They reaching out to say Shalom. 
Then trying to run another one. 
And you Scottish Rite masons are all a big fuckin disgrace. 
All you learned to do was to hide your hands and lie through your fuckin face. 

JULY 12, 2018

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