A Kubrick Decode with a difference.

The Shining
The Shining

This is a pretty special decode I wanted to share with all from Kubrick’s the Shining. There are so many dimensions to decode films from. Some dimensions some folks just never do or never will see. They just never climb that staircase quite high enough to see. But i’m happy to be able to share some of these decodes because they came out of my study years ago and I never knew I would have an outlet to share them like DecodedLight.com.

Anyways what I want to explain with this decode is that some of the scenes in Kubrick’s films are not just about telling stories. What the shots are and what Kubrick is trying to communicate is spiritual motifs. In fact the depth of the spiritual communication in Kubrick’s films are so profound that he dabbles in spiritual realms that in our time most people just write off as quackery.

But if we take one of Kubrick’s deep spiritual influences – Hermetics. Well what you find when you study the bible is that it is itself infact in part a hermetic work. So through ignorance many dismiss spiritual directions that have really always been a core part of our peoples culture and thinking.

So Im only going to share one single screen shot in this decode and one single example. But what you will find is that most scenes in Kubrick’s films include this level of depth or complexity of spiritual communication.

So in Kubrick’s Shining a lot is set in the ‘Overlook Hotel’ and in that hotel you see Jack and Wendy being guided through this main room. Most would just interpret at face value. Some would go to a deeper level and point out that Kubrick is giving some type of point about the western impact on indigenous culture. But what the scene is really depicting is a level of consciousness Kubrick has reached. He has shot it in such a way that he is trying to illustrate profound or voluminous light coming from the top of the lens. One thing he may be trying to communicate is that as he reached that level of consciousness in the US, he could sense or feel the influence the native people had in a sense tattooed on the realm. An influence many would happily erase without thought. Excuse me if I fuck this masonic analogy up, but its like he is showing you the keystone being removed from the arch and the light flowing in. Its the Red lounge. The spirit room. The Holy place. Absence of keystone sounds structurally unsound to me, so that analogy does my brain in a bit. But Im sure you understand what I am trying to say. 

But that is partly what this scene is about.  What Kubrick felt as he in masonic terms reached a point when the light started coming in. A process that people can only experience if they take a particular spiritual and a particular life path.It seems you could almost illustrate that path in medical terms. As in you are not going to get that light into your mind if you eat KFC every day. It is a process of life choices, of selective sacrifice, of choosing a way to be. Lets be frank. Most people don’t choose that path.

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