A Public Teleconference Call with –> Landry Prichard Blowing Rock Strong.

What boggles my mind is, that how could anyone – any sane human being invest so much time to produce a portrait of someone in such a compromising position. And not instead have the kindness to tell them where they stand and what they are doing wrong? What is on your mind when you sit down at your work desk and deal with your fellow mans likeness?

It is a much easier approach in my view. It can cause tension in our society. It is usually like this.

“Hey Buddy, you shouldn’t be eating that CheeseBurger”
Response: “It’s a free country – go fuck yourself”

But, that is not how the communications are playing out in Australia. People are serious about health and wellness in Australia.

So anyways the point I would make to the people of this town is.
If any fuck stick ever walks into your town with any intention other than teaching, sharing and progressing. Just you sing out. Because whoever those shit heads are will end up in a cell. It shits me to tears seeing masonic symbolism used to hold people under instead of educating them about how the universe works and how to operate within it successfully.

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