What you are going to find in life is that people will front-run your purple cupcakes. And Before you have even had a purple cupcake, people will be broadcasting to the world about your purple cupcake action when all you are really trying to do is figure out the difference between a purple cupcake and a jelly donut.

But my advice would be that despite the fact that everything you do on your computer is probably screened – I would advise you to get your purple cupcake action in online. We as humans need to learn 100x more about sex than we would conceive as we are growing. What the cults want you do is get your purple cupcake action in for real. But I would advise you to do all the purple cupcake research you can online. Because we are at a stage where for me, they are mass broadcasting mockery but they won’t tell you that none of that is for things that Ive actually done. But just shifty jews eves dropping on my computer. But trust me, all of this deep occult sexualism you want to know it and well. As in you want to know the sex, you want to know the surgeries, you want to know the numerology….you want to know it all. Because if you don’t the mockery will be 10x worse. I don’t regret anything I know, infact I think that wisdom is one of the key paths to salvation. But for men that just dismiss these things and don’t get the deep wisdom, far deepr mockery and deception awaits. And I’ve seen men who Im certain their suicide came from participating in masonry and not being able to get to the deep meaning of things. No one is going to give you the knowledge. It’s not worth going to people for it. You have to find it yourself.

From what I have heard about the blue lodge initiations in nations like America, they really push people to partipate in sexual abominations. I wouldn’t do that. That’s bizarre territory. I woudn’t go there. That’s why I do masonry on my own terms – not under the guidance of the criminal cults that have been the custodians of masory over the past century.

Why I write about this stuff is because I use my own media experiences to explain to folks how society operates. What I worry about is the same stuff they do to me being done to your daughters. What is your daughter going to do when that kinky little fetish she has is snooped on from her iphone and then broadcast in a cartoon to millions? Well she’s gonna shut the fuck up. Or she’s going to suicide. They don’t give a fuck either way. They’ve achieved their goals.

What do we call this bizarre type of sexual occultism in productions like Despicable me use? Westward Expansion. Why? Because cults like Americas Skull and Bones get men to disclose all of their sexual secretes on entry. So that they can control them. These days, you don’t even have to initiate in Skull and Bones for the jew cults to try and take you west. They just browse your web history. Pretty lame right? We ain’t even fuckin and they are spreading gossip.

But from me they get zero mileage in terms of silence, shame or regret. They methods be lame. What they get is deep exploration into their methods, the corporations involved and the implications for the future of our society.

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