COVID-19 A Real Decode

One of my Favourite Decodes is the Decode of AIDS I did for Pharma.TV. That decodes reads AIDS as ‘The Divine Eyes Doorway to the Snake’. I like it just because I haven’t seen anyone else do that. My favourite human quality is honesty. Fairly rare. But there are a few youtubers who have just come out and stated fairly direct occult facts. I appreciate that in people.

I have a strong belief in the need for truth to propel the Narrative on Earth.

I don’t understand how these sub-standard Masonic Cults don’t understand the damage they do to our humanity.

So I figured After months of contemplation on AIDS – like I find with movies my decoding skills upped a bit. So i’m heaps faster at decoding now. So what is COVID-19?

– Like Aids it is a Doorway – A Doorway to 19 (D-19).
–  19 Most likely a reference to the sun. (Got that from a you-tuber (Sorry my Tarot Skills are weak.))
– What I get from the first 2 letters (CO) is Holiness
– And the Second two (VI) I would read as the ‘Underworld Eye’

Keep in mind this is me speculating and I probably have not nailed this decode yet.

So anyways when you put that all together you see a transition toward holy consciousness away from the underworld eye. That may be hard for some people to understand. And a Doorway to the Sun. Apollo the Destroyer of deceptions.  The Sun is a Funny Beast. It is really something we should not be worshipping. Its just like the moon. Low. But the book of revelation changes all of that and if you don’t know that Apollo is a key part of that book….well you clearly haven’t read it. Anyways at these times….End times. A book of revelation thing. Apollo is in…The sun is in.  We is about Apollo & The Sun. Just as a stopover in our journey.

My interpretation of what has happened on earth is this. A few months ago I started kicking the butt of a company called virgin group. What these companies have done is that they have been so caught up in consciousness fraud, money deceptions. That they have literally dropped the ball on our consciousness. If you look at the logos of Virgin they mostly contain some kind of hint of purple. I don’t think these are people that aspire toward holiness. Sometimes people are modest. They don’t believe they are deserving of God. I just don’t get it half the time. But for me, I want to work in life – but with companies like this existing – dominant in Banking – it gets weird. How good is your bank going to be when it invests a percentage of its finances screwing you in the brain with etheric deceptions? So in many respects we have to destroy these corporations. In many respects they went too far the wrong way.

So COVID-19 is the management designed to take us closer back to a real human consciousness. Not a huge orchestrated Con Consciousness. Im not saying COVID-19 is good. I surely like some of the things it has done. But as soon as these things are unleashed Evil is going to play them to their ends as well. So as far as playing Corona games and wearing facesmasks etc. Cant really do that. Lies are lies. But that is the decode.


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