Decoding a Death – Decoding the Detail of Disney’s Death

Walt Disney
Walt Disney

This is our first ever Decode of a death.

And just like I have managed to prove that HIV/AIDS is a scam without picking up a microscope. I think that we will be able to find out a lot about this death without exhuming a corpse.

So my inkling is that Disney wasn’t a good man. Which I will explain in more detail why soon. But I would suggest that we can see from his public death records that they knew that well and what I am implying is that more than him dying what really happened is that he was stopped. You know what I am saying. He was put down. They didn’t want more Disney in short.

So what kind of evils are we talking about. Well fabricating wars. Profiteering from arms dealing. Etheric fraud. Brain screwing. Venerating Saturn. But it gets a little deeper and darker than all of that.  My view is that the disney theme parks are a physical manifestation of saturnian worship. They are literally trying to build a fake world on earth. Disney parks are the operating saturn world. The underworld. But they don’t want you to think that. They want to think they are a happy place but their intentions of running those parks are not what it seems. So when you talk about Walt my belief is that he chose to serve the creators of the false world, the mind parasite. So in every mans life he has to choose what to serve. Who to answer to. And my suggestion is that by the time it came to Walts death he had chosen to serve the wrong thing and by the time the death came they chose to wind up the show.

Now I don’t like or approve of killing people in hospitals. The truth about Disney’s death may be that the cancer was so bad (he was a smoker) they didn’t know how to heal it. But I still think there are encoded points in his death story that tell us that he was a bad guy and it was called time up on his time on earth.

  1. His remains were cremated – I think in the occult world and the occult Christian world this has meaning. I don’t think we traditionally burn our bodies. I think it has negative connotations. That was the first signal to me that something wasn’t normal about his death.
  2. Cobalt Therapy – So the treatment that was used was cobalt therapy. I don’t know if this is still in use but again for those that study the occult would know that this has negative meanings. Cobalt is associated with unholiness. So it is suggesting that they didn’t want him to continue.

The United States of America has not yet come to terms with its history. In fact before coming to terms with its history it is in our nation probably trying to help their own wealth and prosperity. I imagine that the Americans don’t even view our nation as ours. But looking into americas history they have a lot of reconciliation to do because corporations that are inherently malicious and corrupt still operate in their lands today.

This has relevance for me is because Walt Disney has association with bodies that are connected to my family history and blood line.  When you look at despicable me which is in many ways a curse on me, these curses come from people identifying my blood line, knowing my destiny on earth or the nature of what my work will be on earth and then seeking to stop that. Fortunately I think many people are awake to the true nature of Disney as a corporation and its corrupt history and I think that the world is going to want to see Justice there and and undoing of the work that they have done. We need to destroy the false reality that the Cults Walt Disney associated with wish to constrain us in.

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