Deeze Boys.

This is the first time I have paid a lot of attention to deeze boys.

They look like they are fast movers hey? Can’t say it bothers me.

I can throw deeze boys pixels around just like the next ones. Keen eye.

Our in house narrative for this one is Kashoge Stodge. More about that later.

But for this post a simple lesson. Still not suitably compensated for all the time I spend on you people.

You know all those memes that go around with like the Christain, Jewish, Muslim symbols and say these things have created all the wars in the world? Yes there are very strong forces that try and force us into a mindset that first dismisses religion and then spirituality. When the fact is that Spirit is what matters most. Yes you will struggle trying to process deep religious concepts, yes there are unpleasant things to get through in all religions. But spirit always comes first.

So in this post you get a really nice religious lesson that really just came to me. Its simple and at this point I hold it to be true.

Here we go.

Israel (Blue Flag Star of David) – Shit Holy
Muslims – Allah (When you say this put your finger up to your head like all those masons do and think about it.) – Borderline Holy
Christian (The Big Sky Vagina) – Holy Holy Holy

Now no one take any offence to these words. But I think if you wanted to understand the religious structures and institutions around you it would be a good start to understand them.

I have a couple more specific posts coming out on deeze boys soon…..just so
that when the Schizer comes down the shoot no one can say I wasn’t here showing you the way the whole time. I have invested more time in giving people masonic education than most and few of the men of the last generation can claim to have given as much open masonic education.

Thats all for this one. Some detailed post on Khashoggi coming soonish.


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