Do Rastas Who Sing Songs about Jah Jah – Venerate the Devil?

So it’s pretty deep question right. 

So why Ask it?

Think about it this way. 

Imagine you Bail Eddie Murphy into a claustrophobic meeting room. Real feisty like. Real Aggressive like. 

So aggressive he fears that at last he is going to get his jujy fruit experience. 

I mean seriously people. What do you think would happen if you did that to Eddie Murphy?

Pushed the fucker into a room real aggressive like. Like you was fix-n to to turn the situation into a Cat Scrap of some sorts. 

And says to him. 



Answers Time Eddie. 

Separation of Fiction From Fact. 


Quickly Now. 


What do you think you would get as a response?

I bet he’d babble. And Wriggle. And Jest. And Smirk. And Laugh. And Try. And Fail. 

Then babble some knee grow shite out his nose about how white people are not intellectually superior to black people. 

And the sum total of your outcome would be nout. You’d be left standing there with little more to show for your efforts than A babbling slobbering moderately miffed melanated munchkin man sat in front you.  

How could I guess such a thing? 
What was his last movie? Rudy What??

I bet you that this Knee Grow Eddie Murphy has stood between more R-Pairs than Roger Rabbit Eating Red Rooster With Ronald Reagan @ Rancho Relaxo.  

There is this other knee grow out there in Knee-Grow-Dom that im about to run through the WHOLE ALPHABET. 

A to Z. To be honest with you. I don’t know if he’ is gonna make it. He’s starting to look pretty exhausted. But thats just part of my obligations toward bringing forward heaven on earth.

And Whilst Im doing that Simualtaneousely. 
Im going to take this other Caucasoid Knee Grow I Juice to Roll with Called Adumas. And run him through the whole colour spectrum. 
All the colours of the rainbow. See if we can get the world any wiser. Thats all I have as my Strat piece for now. 

But. Anyways. Back To the point. 

Why ask such a deep questions??

To prove to you exploring the question about Jah Jah, is not racially loaded…..think about it this way.

If Jah is Jehovah Shortened. 

Well from my understanding some of our nations, and more powerful nations have completely prohibited the Jehova’s witness Churches from operating. Full Stop. 

So if you are any race. The spiritual question I have posed here matters. Because if there are lots of little black children running around. Singing about Jah Jah. And If Jah Jah in the funny Ethiopian script translates to. “We Must All Kill the Evil White Man….And Steal His Position On Gods Earth.”

Then Stu’s been boppin to the wrong tunes.

So Keep This Point in Mind. I hold to and believe that Jehovah is Evil. Truth probably is that as far as gods or in the old languages Jehovah = Saturn. That’s a fairly sound guess in my view.    

So When Eddie sings “Oh Jah Jah….”
In Some Ways he is singing about Jehovah. 
So are they venerating the Devil? No. Not Really. Here’s why. And it’s a complex answer. It’s actually an answer I derived by way of the grace of hanging up on them house calls. 

So our old kings in Scotland Were the REX Scotorum. 
Yeah like I really want that job title right? No one is going know if you are a King or a tube of cream you grab from the chemist when you get a fungal outbreak on your scrotum. 

So when I first thought on the issue. Its an etymology problem Right. Jah Jah —— Jehovah……Must Be the same evil shit. 
Not really. Its about contemplating on the meaning of Saturn. Advice. Don’t go indulging in Saturnian Shit. But yeah as in like this very post. Any time When Saturn is Involved. You need to contemplate on it deeply. Wrap your head around it.  

I had a few powerful downloads over summer. One was like a consolidated download from all those films Ive been studying. That James Mason Flick with the Blonde Broad in the bikini On the Beach did a lot for me. 

And I also had a really powerful download about Kings. 
It Just came down as. “Oh It was those dudes job……. to defend their peoples lives. But it also came at a much deeper level, where the language I used to understand it was……. 
I said….”Oh I get it….the kings are actually just elemental marker points for our peoples and civilisation.”

So Thats How I Figured out About Rastafari. Its Not Veneration Of Jehovah / Saturn. Its veneration of the Dude that protects your neck. 

Lets see how that comes out in the letters and the read, we’ll see its the same between both cultures. 
J – Saturn
A – Divine
H – Gate / Fence
Read: Saturn the Divine Fence.

And Our Kings
R – Saturn
E – Energetic
X – Filter Basket
Read: Saturn The Energetic Filter

So the Job of Kings in both Cultures is firstly to get your own booty above Saturn. Such that you can see life as a fully grown being that is wise to the ways of our people. But also take in Gods light because without that we are inherently weaker and may actually find that we are operating at below the capacity of our past ancestors. 

Once we pass Saturn, then we clear the way for our own people. We teach our own people from the light of God, we protect people from charlatans, drive out demons tread on snakes. Etc Etc, Just another day at the office really. 

These are cultural subtleties we need to Explore amongst all cultures and people. To know what the songs they sing mean and so that we can learn and understand about their purpose on earth.I always found it interesting that the little black children run around and sing songs about Rastafari and our little white children don’t exuberantly sing tunes about Queen Elizabeth II….Or George VI.
Maybe the Ethiopian people had themselves a real King? Maybe the Ethiopians Booted him too soon?

Anyways, thats how it works. Rex / Jah Jah. Simillar chappies.
Eddie Murphy Narrowly escapes JuJy Fruit Justice For Being an Un-cooly Moolie.

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