Jeffrey Epstein – Blue Hand Muppets


I don’t get any pleasure from seeing reports of  prison violence. Doing so would be two faced. The only thing sicker than participating in prison violence would be to simulate it. But one little blue face is the least of the problems for the Epstein family. Let me run some numbers for you. Estimated 70,000 Police in Australia. 40 hours work weeks. That’s 145600000 hours of unholy policing per year. 

Times 71 years of Prohibition is 10337600000 hours of Unholy policing in Australia. The consequence of which has been suicides, deaths in custody and what will only be described as Genocide. 

Im sure My maths is average and I would allow for adjustments for growth in policing numbers. We know where Epstein got his Joker Lips. But no matter how you look at it the problems for the Epstein’s are only about to begin.

July 30 2019

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