So if you want the truth about the worthless low blood New Zealanders who are going to tell you that your Scottish Heritage is Cursed thought.

Well what they are engaged in doing is taking the more positive aspects of that Cultural heritage. Inverting and using it as a Curse against your future and your children. They are projecting those curses across audiences of millions. Until these people understand their history, there is no point in them contemplating the vast expanse that is our future. Once again, they are taking the works of men who fought for uprightness, they are inverting it and turning it into a curse and then they are feeding themselves and their children off that curse on you.

I will soon be publishing more detail about what is to happen to the people involved in the production of these films that are ultimately of a quality that they should be shat on and disposed of.  I will also be publishing detail about the Anglo Celtic people of New Zealand’s Current status in the lands of Australia and any other foreign Nation. Their standing amongst us is not great at the moment.

Its a Bit foolish making pics this size. You can see this one here.

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