Justice For Jamal

Justice for Jamal.

Man I gotsta free Tibet. Rescue African Americans from Gun Violence. Exterminate great white sharks. And now Justice for Jamal?

Its ok. I Got the energy.

Justice for Jamal. You bet. Its not just the case that its murder. Its the methods they used. Its the abuse and torture they used beforehand. The methods of suffocation. Disgraceful and needless to say. UNHOLY.  Not acceptable in the middle east or anywhere on earth. The Make of a Mans headwear is of no concern to me. What happened to Jamal is Unacceptable and I suppose that the origin of his murder comes from multiple nations and multiple sources. Ignorant of the ways of human nature and a true approach to interrogating people.

In Australia we call it the JJ way. We say the problem with the world is.
Every Jew is a Lawyer. But there is still no Justice. The JJ Way.

Ill keep you posted on the progress with Jamal.

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