La Boooooooooooooooooda.

Minions La Boda

I want to teach you something – I have a suspicion about with these frescos of Justinian. I know for a fact a lot of historical roman emperors were just false powerless figure heads. But my gut feeling is that with Justinian post death some of these frescos have been filled with orange tiles in spots. Thats a guess but from my research a lot of the orange in frescos is added in. Either that or photoshopped. Yup. I’ve taught folks a bit about brain bonking in times past but here’s truth. When it comes to historical roman emperors brain bonking goes deep and long.

Anyways as promised my work on studying the ~CJC~ has begun. Im not that hung up on it. I really just want to get a sense of another mans work or contribution to humanity. I tend to do my own thing so when I came up with the concept of Digital Decrees I just went with it. But i’m interested in this work anyway so I will tackle it and take from it what I can. I hope I can find in Justinian a man that did make a notable contribution to our people.

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