This Is The End – Jason The Stoner.

I HATE when that happens.

You Big someone up before you go check their record. You know that record they keepin…those Amazon boys. IMDB. And you find that the one you just bigged up has been making end times films with Seth Rogan and James Franco. James Franco. Silly name. Could be Queer.

Im not Stupid. I know how to read a watch. This is The End Released 2013.
James the Stoner @ First Light. 2018. @ South By South West. Wearing a watch. Sheeesh.

This is the end —- I Couldn’t even get all the way through it. I Guess thats when Jason was still in his South Africa Stage.

So We downgrading Jason the Stoner. And we saying. He’s a bit of a Shoe Shiner. What Brand is he buffin though? Thats the Question.

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