The Son of Man.

I have spoken to you guys heaps about the red and blue symbolism. Well it’s everywhere. In your Media. Politics etc etc.

The beauty of gaining wisdom is that it snowballs.

Anyways I caught a video where the guy lays out the concepts in a different way. Right and left. Blue and red. True and False.

I have done videos on this concept of truth. And how as a small boy travelling in Scotland I remember sitting in the car thinking about the importance of it.

So Truth Is the Christian Spirit and Blue is Unholy.

Think about two brains. One that process things and seeks the truth. And one that gives up too early. And just says stuff it. Something else will do. It is very literally a physical exertion issue. How much effort do you put in till you find the truth. It’s like this feeling you get in your body. When you know you found it. Ain’t it. OA? It’s like chain block processing on a computer. You break the universe up into little blocks and work on them one by one until you found truth. Im not sure if that what Cohen is doing with his block processing.

Well a lot of things in life are practice. So what are you practicing is not just a ‘superficial goodness’ that can be disregarded in place with ‘most money wins’ or ‘dog eat dog’ mentalities. This disregard is the creator of the world we live in today. You are practicing the art and craft of being a living being. How to use the inner equipment that god has given you.

But my meditations are going a lot deeper. Such as. When you actually get really good at using the mind. Is there for example more likelihood of your manifestations growing and prospering on Earth? I don’t have solid examples or evidence but the answer is obviously yes. I told you guys that when I started Nepal.TV I did it as an adventure. If you start your works with that spirit what is the effect on that works effect on this realm? I mean very literally from the point that your bodies energy is exerted with the coating of positive intention. Love. Fun. Goodness. Change. Your early experiences in the microcosmic realms are to train you for a point where your work effects the macrocosm.

So Morgan’s been practicing. He ain’t fuckin stoopid. He knows a day is going to come when the words in that vs ring true.

Anyways hope that helps, and if you find the dude in the hat you find the dude that inspired this post.

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