Three Media Corporations Added to Australia’s Self Defence Execution Orders.

Today we are adding three corporates to our defence execution orders.
These corporations are implicated in either broad crimes against humanity or premeditated targeted sexual assaults.

These corporations include:
– Universal Pictures
– The Google Corporation / Alphabet Corporation
– Network 10 Australia

There is difference in the reasons these three media corporations are being added to our self defence execution orders and we will specify those reasons separately. 

Google / Alphabet Corporation:
Google are now associated with pre-meditated gun point sex assaults of Australian children. Employees of the Google corporation should be excluded from Australian political institutions. Google have now both recorded incidents of gun point sex assault of children and a history of investing in the pornography industry. This means that the Google corporation and employees of the Google corporation now directly connected to peodophillia cults that operate out of the USA. We should be tangibly concerned that that the gun point sex assaults of Australian children are not recruitment drives for their pornography businesses. 
All employees that leave the Google / Alphabet corporation should be screened for their connection to Googles Pornography Operations. 

Investors, Directors, Employees and contractors of the Google corporation are all subjected to self defence execution orders 

Universal Pictures:
– Involvement in covert stalking and harassment activity.
– Involvement in spiritual violence that could have extreme impacts
on Australian children – Every child with an iPhone is at risk of falling prey to these cults. 
– Failing to participate in level dealings with the people of Australia. 
– A long history of etheric violence against the people of these lands through their film works.
All assets and revenues of the Universal Pictures corporation are to be held in a healing fund. This will include all revenues from historic works and current works. Any man having taken profits from universal pictures works is to hold the liabilities for the crimes universal have committed.   
Investors, Actors, Lawyers serving the universal corporation are covered by self defence execution orders should they be involved in further acts of treachery in Australia threated individuals are authorised to execute with lethal force and no verbal warning. 

Network 10 Australia:
Network 10 is involved in stalking activity that sees stalking and harassment equipment placed in Australian homes. Their broadcasters
then encode private information about your day to day activity in their news broadcasts in a encoded fashion. All staff, investors and contractors of Network 10 are covered by self defence execution orders 

All of these corporations should be excluded from entering decision making processes within governmental or political bodies in Australia. Facilities like Universal studios in Australia will be rendered no longer fit to operate in Australia due to its direct role in cursing and hexing the traditional leaders of these lands. 

During the time periods with which these corporations face deep trial and investigation for their activities in our nations their employees have no rights. If they are part of investigations they are to answer questions that are asked of them. They are to present data or information from within their corporations that is required of them.

In the event that attacks against christian children continue, christian men in all nations that host these corporations are authorised assemble and purge the offices of these corporations and demand that employees depart the office. Employees that put up physical resistance can be executed where they stand for the crime of serving forces that seek to suppress and exploit beings within our nation.

Employees of these three corporations no longer have rights in our nations as long as they are in the employment of these corporations and are covered by self defence execution orders.

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