Tips on decoding Despicable Me

Don’t bother.

Its a big stinky saturn cult jew pig piece of shit.

Full to the brim with out and out jew pig fraud. Lies and deceptions.

You really have to ask yourself why you would let yourself or your own children even think about what a bunch of rogue saturn cult trannies render in their cartoon. They are the abomination.  Nothing that they render about me is even close to being true. All they are doing is looking at our computer screens. But if we didn’t use these computers to figure out what goes on in the world, we wouldn’t be able to see the vast criminality they are part of and the great risk allowing them to continue.

So when it comes to the stuff they render about me, Im not going to go and
study a million masonic hand gestures to figure out what they are saying. Its a bunch of saturn cult trannies shilling Mcdonalds. Who gives a fuck what they are saying. For me its super easy to debunk. Their biggest gag is me eating a bunch of bananas. When the fact is the only banana I have ever touched is my own. Know that one for a fact.

The gags they make in Despicable me are IDF gags. They are gags that the low born pigs that join the IDF crack up on. In the coming days we will be putting the creators of Despicable me under execution orders for engaging in curse culture in our lands.

As far as what I view and take an interest in on my computer, that will never change. Researching transgenderism for example has been one of the greatest keys to understanding the cult activity that takes place on earth. And GRU & DRU who is really just low born JEW. Steve Carell. Is just another dime a dozen saturn cult tranny. So who gives a fuck what they say, they are the disgrace to our humanity.

You should also be able to figure out. Its fairly strangely amplified character attack on me. Why would they need to invest so much on stalking and character assassinating me? Thats bizarre isn’t it.



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