Understanding The Masonic Mystery Of The Watch.

It is really complex. It has a lot of dimensions to it. I won’t cover them all.

I just love it when I get to the point in contemplating that you can express your understanding in simple terms.

But also when It comes to sharing Masonic Mysteries. I don’t like to just give everything away.

But teaching you this. Is like asking you to contemplate on ‘How long is a piece of string?’ The longer you do it, do you get any wiser? So i’m not giving you too much, just some general guidance.

So the watch really means this. Until you have a deep understanding of the nature of reality, your purpose in it and begin operating in it effectively. You wear the watch. You will be given it at your lodge. In your movie set. Etc Etc.

When the higher ups know that ‘You get it’ – or you get it to the point that you are using your words, energy, spirit, direction the right way. It’s end of watch time.

Thats my take on the Mystery of the Masonic Watch. When you wear it you are bound by time. When you demonstrate that you have a deep wisdom, knowledge of the universe and its workings. You are not.

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