Your Gods. Your Flags. Your Light.

EL Mummy

Your Gods.

Your Gods.

UNHOLY. Your Gods. LOW. Put on some mother fuckin Specs. Because they beneath the mother fuckin checks.

EL This. EL That. LOWWWWW. Beneath the Likes of me. UNNNNHOLY.

I Can’t believe I have to sit here. And type this shit out. All work and no play.

Your Gods. UNHOLY.

All your Funny Fuckin Flags. LOW. UNHOLY. They are all just little play toys to me. But the truth is. It makes me feel low having to put my holy hands on your low unholy dirty fuckin flags.

AWWWWWWW…….You’re a Mason are you? I Guess that means you must work for Geoff Bezos. UNHOLY! Traveling from east to west in search of light? Wrong way Shit head. Good luck motherfucker. You know why. That Light.


UNHOLLLLLYYYYY. And once you hit it. Once you get there. Thats only where things start. I presume you are running late.

First Light. Last Light. Past Light……………Last Night.

Low. Unholy. No fuckin good to me.

You may be confused. But when you get above those Checks. When u pull yourselves up above the Crystals and the Gems and the Glass bulbs and What not. You’ll get it. You need to get your Titties above the turquoise people.

Allah??? Allah and the Muslisms? They Ok. Im good with them. But. Unfortunately still beneath the likes of me. Still got some work to do if they want to get through that big sky Vagina.

Metal Detectors……UNNNNHOLY. FASLE Angels. You Keep them for Wiz. And His Friend Curren$y. Im pretty sure you gonna find a big silver bill fold clip on that chappy. Beneath Me. Im not interested in your damn metal detectors.

Anyways. Im done Ranting and Raving at you folks so let me summarise.

Your Gods. UNHOLY.
Your Flags. LOW.
Your Light. LOW. Light Schmite.
EL? El Schmell.
Rubies, Saphires, Diamonds. UNHOLY.
Mines, Bunkers, Fire Shelters. UNHOLY.
CAVES ——>>> Holy Holy Holy.
First Light. Last Light. Past Light….Last night.

Thats it people. Cant spend any more time educating you people.

Not on your Scottish Style Remuneration Package Anyways.

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