A Real Chicken Story.

I find it really frustrating listening to those decoders who turn every food reference into a pedo reference. I see some guys do that, they fuck up the intelligent shit. They get every basic core piece of decoding wisdom wrong. Yet every vegetable reference is about pedos.

Anyways. This is a real chicken story. That should teach you something real about eating chickens.

I know I have typed the words out to this story before, but I have never published it. I don’t think.

I feel bad preaching to people about eating chicken. Especially in countries like Thailand where there are a lot of rural people who eat a lot of chicken. But I know there is validity in it. In Tibet I believe they abstained from eating fish.

I was living in coffs by the beach. Keeping to myself. I would find that on nights I would buy takeaway I get heaps more work done.

So I would do that once a week. I liked it especially on Friday. Easy dinner. Long late night working on the interwebs.

Anyways one night I bought a roast chicken from the super market.

This was around a time I was doing heaps of herbal edibles. So I ate the chicken, did a good nights work. And went to bed.

I just remember waking up in bed with the door open, and being able to feel the carcass of a dead being in my house.

I just remember lying their saying ‘I can feel another dead soul in my house’.

Anyways, I do get that spiritually sensitive. And I believe the earth is that way. The more that we resonate positive the more we will see it turn that way.

But it is really interesting to me that folks that have intense government stalking experiences. Like black ops style consciousness suppression, experience this stuff when they are spiritually peaking. I have heard women tell stories of serious cult harassment when they are spiritually peaking.

Im going to be writing a little more about how that consciousness suppression works, what its goals are. How we can break it down further. But there are highly coordinated forces working essentially against free positive minds. This is all over the world.

My mum is really lazy with cooking chicken and she doesn’t really have the same moral fabric as me. But now I have a little more cash Im cooking for myself Sundays. If chicken is all there is, Im still going to eat it. But know That that level of spiritual sensitivity is a real thing. And it comes with real benefits. Eating light vegetable based diets probably gives your body extra fuel that allows you to reach greater spiritual heights. And it is spirituality that will allow you to live a good life. Not money wealth.

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