Explaining Decode Sync Keys Using the Sync Key “Tsunami” (Stu/Nami)

I announced these a while ago.

I want to drop the first one now. I won’t be using these much. But when I Have one valuable that I think is needed, I will publish a “Decode Synchronisation Key”.

I have already shared it with you. But Because it’s going around..you’ll get it easier.

So The first Decode Sync Key

Which is
Code for Stu / Nami.

A Girl I dated for a few months in Japan in 200/Something.

So the purpose of the keys is to give you guys deeper connections to news stories or truths / realities we have uncovered through our skill of Decoding.

The Keys may be.
– Words
– Numbers
– Images.

Any object to give you a stronger understanding of true realities we have decoded from:
– News Stores
– Film
– The Internet
– Real Life.

Like I say, This one not so Exciting because I already told yall. But These will be powerful because they will help us initiate people into different comprehensions of reality through sharing our wisdom on what we are reading of it.

Let me conclude this now and make it somewhat more valuable for you. Let me explain a little deeper about Synchronisation. Which I think I promised to do elsewhere but forgot. Perhaps the most powerful way I can do that for you is explain about my experience with Minions.

So when you guys look at minions, Its multi Billion Dollar right. Its all over the world. Well, I have never taken a penny from them. They never spoke to me. Or told me about it. I decoded it. I Synced myself to despicable me 2 because I travelled to the USA to work for a small independent mom / pop style mall company that you probably wouldn’t have heard of before. So that was the Sync Point for me. For a while I was like…..

Is Dis Stuart Minion Cat Thee????????


When I synced the Media to me I was Rancid

When I speak to you about health and Cursing / Hexing. Well if people are exacting elemental control over your being. I mean Duh. One of the places they will be doing it is media. So you need to be able to sync yourself to a story. Even if it don’t mention you on the surface at all.

So with minions I was rancid for a few days. Because of all the money and merch and etc etc.

Then I just said. TFG. I don’t owe these people anything, glad to not be a part of it. Wouldn’t take their money if they shipped it express. The revelation was I had complete freedom with the material.

So thats it.

I hope you have a better grasp of Decode Sync Keys.

Im going to get all of these concepts released to you guys, and then Im going to get to using it as part of my output.

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