Introducing Decode Bounties

I Can’t express enough how Important trying new things has been in my life.

Right now i’m looking back on a lot of things that I did decades ago now and they still seem really fresh.

And then as I write this i’m still trying new things. It gives you an atmosphere of optimism.

Anyways this just came to me a few days ago as a new thing that might work for

We are going to start to publish decode bounties.

I don’t think Im going to pay a bounty. Maybe I will at some point. But what Im going to do to
incentivise it. Is just basically tell you. That these bounties. By getting to the end of them.
I think that we will reach goals that are important for society. Sooner. Quicker.

So thats how Im going to structure the bounties. It is really like giving you a direction reward.

An example for the sake of clarity.

Our first bounty is going to be a security issue. For all of Australia. I want Australia to start looking
at a topic. Im going to publish a Decode bounty.

After the bounty is published. What we are going to do is publish something like a bounty acknowledgement.
That is an acknowledgement of a press source that tackled the issue best.

All I can say is…..Some of the things we are going to be building are going to be a bit different. And unique
to the work I have been doing previously. It all about that newness thing I was saying at the start. And that thing I was trying to teach you about the sheeps and the goats and the magical and mysterious workings of your inner body bits. If you do it better on the inside is there a greater effect on the universe? And just like I said to you. Wisdom snowballs. So does newness. So if you get in the habit of doing new stuff just as a habit. Some of the newest stuff you do. Seems really new. So new. That when you try to explain to people what you are building. They don’t really understand that well.

So that’s Decode bounties. I will be publishing our first of those probably within 2 – 3 weeks. And probably regularly from then on in.

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