On The Value of Separating Mediums

I have been meaning to write about this for ages.

Sometimes I write about this stuff for my sake as much as yours.

There are probably heaps upon heaps of people in places like America & Europe that are true multi disciplinary creators. Some examples of these mediums – film, music, writing, Code, Digital……etc etc etc…

Probably heaps.

But I find huge leaps and bounds in consciousness….perception, insight….wisdom etc etc comes from being able to seperate thought between mediums.

Here is a really simple example of what I mean.

I listen to heaps of music that feels great for the soul. Many people believe in the power of Music. But then examine the same acts through the lens of light. Often the light surrounding acts alone is enough to turn me off. The Album covers, the stage setup the film clips etc. Because if you really study your light like deep serious to the point where you wanna know all your masonic colour codings and geometry stuff like you Acquired it out a lodge in Alexandria. You’ll have a perspective that can be shaped with light alone.

So if you r a yungin. Do what ever you need to do to be multi disciplinary. Even if you are broke buy that cheap ass twangy guitar and cheap ass 4 track tape recorder. Learn what ever you can about the medium of sound. You must know there is science in all these mediums. I have been blessed in life where I have had the fortune to sit down for like half a year at a time and study sound. Then another to study light. Your depth of knowledge across all mediums will in a way super charge your consciousness processing. Not your consciousness itself but how you wire it through your own mind and body.

We have taught in other places all manner of things that are deceptions against our being. Well deleting a deception is in part about growing deeper knowledge.

I will finish this post with a short anecdote about the sublimity of our consciousness and how our creator teaches us. One day I was lying in bed. I had my lap top on my chest like usual. I am sure I will pay a cost in posture for this habit. And I had a tablet in another hand. Im so passionate about wisdom and knowing that I almost feel that when I grab some I can feel it in my bones. Anyways Something happened I glanced across both devices I was doing different things on, and this deep teaching came to me. Cant remember what. But how can that happen? Sublime.

So if you are juggling a bunch of devices and mediums in whatever you create.  You are going to get flashes of brilliance that others never even touch.

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