The Road to Rome & The Road to Saturn. Same Road.

When you start studying the history of Rome at Romulus and Remus, you are entering a Saturnian gate. Don’t tell me you are not. You are.

So does that mean now that we throw out Rome and it’s history? No of course not. Keep in mind many in lands of Rome have been holy. Many have served god. Many say that right in their works.

So Bowing down to Dogma’s of Roman history is serving Saturn. Putting Rome before God is serving Saturn. But don’t throw out Rome. There is plenty of goodness there if you search for it. And you do need to loosely speaking identify where you come from. Who you are and represent. Rome is a great starting place to understand our people.

What we must focus on instead of Rebuilding Roman Empires is thinking first and foremost about re-building Gods Empire. God’s Rules. We are a-long way to go yet trust me. I think they are breaking some of them. Hey I don’t think they care about them at all.

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