Dedication to a Picture Maker

Dedication to a Picture Maker.

One day I heard a conspiracy theory about a Stanley Kubrick Film called The Shining. I started watching his films and began receiving telepathic encoded messages while studying them. I soon after learned that the films name came from the meaning of one of my family names – Robertson. After studying the films for years I one day came to the conclusion that the messages most likely derived from a body that would be labeled “The Great White Brotherhood.”

Through studying Kubrick’s Film making I did not only gain the pleasure of learning, I also gained the skill of decoding light. It is so rare in life that people get the free time to learn a new skill or discipline, let alone one that is rarely spoken of or practiced.

Before I tell you what decoding light is about I will share a few more things I learned during my time studying Kubrick.

I believe he predicted or prophesied my existence on earth in his 1962 Film Lolita. I believe he used his film work as an outlet for his oracular channeling capabilities.

I also believe that his last film, Eyes Wide Shut was a brief or a guide for me specifically as well as all of the next generation.

Although my study of Kubrick’s work is far from over and I have only just managed to forgive him for his Jacket Lining – as I begin the production of it is my sincere hope that we can leave something as comprehensive if not more for the next generation as he left for us.