Jay-Z – Deep Name Decode #2

A while back I did a decode on the name John Here on Decoded Light. Our second deep name decode is coming soon. When I launched DecodedLight I said one of my aims was to deliver the next gen more than Kubrick did. Well I figured Kubrick was big on Name Etymology so If I can do some deep teaching on thing I learn ad decode on the Occult use of names, we are do something a little deep and substantial. A full decode and occult Background of Jay-Z Coming Soon.
I Like this name decode because it is short and it yields a lot in terms of helping understand the thinking behind the cults.

So Im going to give you an anecdote to start. Then Im going to give you the letter meanings. And then the Read.

When is the last time in your life you looked at someone and said ‘Damn that’s a bad ass bold ass Christian MoFo???’

It don’t happen too much do it?….

There was this woman on Youtube. Doing Transinvestigation Vids. Im not going to look her up. You will probably be able to guess who by this description.

Anyways she was talking about Jay-Z at one point. And presuming she is a white christian woman. To be sitting in the USA. A land full of melanated monkeys with lustful longings for their own bit o Banana bread. To be publicly teaching these monkeys that their music is garbage and is a bunch of god mockery nonsense. Took big bad balls in my view. Brave.

So she was tackling Jay-Z and I think she grappled with the topic of the occultism behind the entity Jehovah. Which on the topic Of Jay-Z – One of his nick names is Hove. As in Hovah / Jehovah.

Often when you see the rasta’s standing behind signs that say “Jah Ova Evil” – My View is instead of saying “God Over Evil” – The real truth is that Jehovah is Evil.

So when you see the Rastas standing beside signs that Say ‘Jah Ova Evil’ The higher Ethiopian spirit orders would look and know for example that person was still spiritually weak. Evil.

So here is what you get with Jay-Z

J = Saturn
A = Divine
Y = Father (Based on the Hebrew Pictograph)
Z = I don’t Have a Strong grip on this letter. But lets just go with last letter. (End)

This Reads:

Saturn The Divine Father Until the End.

That Says pretty much everything doesn’t it.

Just another nigger in a contract with the devil?

Geeze get me thems upcoming tour dates.

So they love throwing you down Saturn. If you sit there and eat it for breakfast. I don’t think they stop you. If you are dumb enough to Creep all the way to your death. Not know the meaning of this letter or that. I will probably have to teach you like a billion times.

That vs in the bible about the life tree and the other one. It DOES NOT mean. That you should not know which things are evil and which things are not evil.

In fact, I would suggest that you pay extra particular attention and time to discovering which symbols point toward badness and evil. I can assure you. That I do just that.

Anyways, That woman. Brave enough to say these things.

I think Black People Feedback #4 is going to be called.

Dead Nigger Saturday At The Vatican Basement Morgue.

Thats where wrong god folks end up.

If you think about Masonry – Obviously the point is…..Being close to god right? So Fucking up and choosing the wrong god.
You aint going to win.

Like….I can only sit here spending so much time. But if you don’t get this yourself….I don’t know if anyone else is going to teach you.

But Saturn.


Free Advice. Take it or leave. I mean I could theoretically be wrong in the game as well.

But my call is.


WRONG FUCKING GOD. Im not going to take any more of my time teaching you people that point again.


There is one extra point I forgot to add …..

I thought that the Italian folks would find this observation interesting. See the Black and White Pentagram Magic Shirt
Kanye is wearing. Where do you recognise that from? Well try looking up Richard Gere on a Boat with Disgruntled Melanated
Maties off the coast of Italy. I just think that was an interesting Observation, as soon as I saw this clip I went back to the working Of Richard On a Boat.

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