On John


When I found out that Kubrick was an Expert on Name Etymology. I went….He was a What????????

And then…..why was he that?

It blew my mind. Begin Your Own Study of Etymology. Blow your own.

So the name John.

God is Gracious. I think.

Or Jah is Gracious. There are a few variations or ways you can understand it.

Im not joking with you. I meditated for 3 years on that name. 3 Whole fuckin years. To grasp the most common name in the english language. With a lot of names, or a lot of the names they use in movies its not just about getting the dictionary definition. Its about getting the context surrounding it.

Like the name Tony in Imaginarium. I guess they use that name in the context of the patron saint of pigs.

But John is a name that you can’t understand unless you understand god. And you can’t understand god unless you Engage in deep reflection or contemplation. Understanding John is about observing how god is. How God treats us. Realistically that is one of the reasons that you should seek to know god. Because one of the things you will need To learn in life is if it is god that its treating you like shit. Or if it is humanity. If it is a social institution. Thats a strange Way of looking at god. But it can help.
But you will find for sure that there are human forces that wish to punish you long before god. Saturn is something they Will physically impose on you. They are going to bop you on the bonce and tell you that gods light is low just now. They are going to bop you on The bonce and tell you that god is a funny little goat creature and that you should worship. They are going to paint you in a black and white prison onesie and cut madonna a pay cheque.

God is Gracious. He has much more grace for us than our fellow man. We must use all of the energy god gives us to understand his light. His world. To study It diligently. And always before we work with money. Before we work with weapons. Before we work violence try working with god first. Prayer can almost be about asking for insight, asking for communication.
So to disappoint you deep into this post. It has nothing to do with the John wick movies. Seen one. Might try another. But my guess is thats why Keanu is standing on a red carpet between a pair of chinese dragons. He went the wrong way somewhere.

When I talk about punishment yeah there are some people I probably want to see violently punished. Ill give you an example. In my casual internet research I uncovered just via a diligent youtuber that in corporate communications of a childrens ice cream company they are implying that children engage in sexual activity with adults. How the fuck this media would even get out of a corporation through approval process and what not blows my mind. But thats the kind of low thinking that seems to have almost been made acceptable and able to shirk off with attitude none other than hubris and arrogance. So I think we will find some people who have said corporate things or engaged in corporate behaviour where they are complying with the betrayal of humanity and yeah I do think we all know there is something really wrong out there and fuck it. We want our nations to be a lot better.

Im a huge believer in atonement. I do it myself most of the time. No one has to ask or tell. Its a beautiful thing and a private thing. If you see fit to do the same of others. Punishment is not about telling others that they are dumb and evil. Your atonement and punishment should be doing something to help people understand Gods words. The ways of goodness. Basically how to be as a human amongst us on earth.

But as I use words like punishment or blood punishment in my work. I think for example through mass communications leaks we will find people who have entered agreements with malicious forces for the sake of working towards our betrayal. I know for a fact that there are forces who decode positive light to engage in dark magic. What other word could I use? Motherfuckers. But as I use reference to aggressive forms of punishment I don’t want to see ignorant people punished. I don’t want to see maybe people who just don’t have the same strength of spirit or life direction in them punished. We are going to find some dark evil motherfuckers. With some dark evil plans. With malicious Intent.

For those that stand on a red carpet between a pair of Chinese Dragons, there is always that ladder of light in front of you. You have to find it in yourself. Think in terms of giving more to projects that have an essence of goodness in them. Go back and search for gods word in his bible. That time you pick it up and turn to a random page after not using for years, there will be something there that he wants you to know. Don’t let other people make you believe that they run the toll on your light ladder. God is gracious and no matter where you stand if you are guilty from engaging in sin through ignorance, it’s your right to atone in your own way and it’s your right to keep climbing.

I Don’t know about Keanu Reeves.

They say he’s a Lebanese Man.

I Guess he’s a Saturn Cult Tranny.

But then again I guess that about most people these days.

If you are a Lebanese Man Keanu. Prove it. That’s what I Say.

Prove it.

Therefore the Lord longs to be gracious to you, And therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you.

For the Lord is a God of justice; How blessed are all those who long for Him.

Isaiah 30:18

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