Event Effect Confirmation X

Want To Drop Another Event Effect Confirmation.

This One Is Interesting.

You Are Going To Disagree.

I Don’t Care. Im Claiming It. 

Jew Can’t Stop Me.

So Years Ago. I Published A Paradigm Shift.

I Haven’t Even Written It Out Yet.

I Plan To In The Weeks To Come. Just Put Some Words To It. Around The Time We Publish Our Next Paradigm Shift Which I Have Been Promising For Weeks.

Anyways, That Paradigm Shift, Shift To The Energetic Filter Basket.

Based On The Occult Origin Of The Letter X.

It’s Not Commonly Known. Although Many By Now Will.

This Event Effect Confirmation. Is That That Paradigm Shift.

Was The Cause For Twitter Re-Branding To X.

Im Suggesting That – That Piece Of Work. Was What Was Responsible For Their Rebranding.

You Doubt Me.

But I Have Been On The Webs. Schooling Musky Poo Poos.

For Years.

And You. Have Been Running Around Like A Monster. 

Trying To Buy Teslas. 

Like You Suffer From Some Form Of Spasticity.

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