That M M Magick Stick – Our First First Scan Decode.

So this is a new format yet again on Decoded Light.

See i’m bringing more Hermes Than Orange Cat England Himself.

Anyways, I watch a new film I decide within the first 15 mins if Im gonna get the whole way through.

US Army Surgeons and Medics, Usually a fairly bad start. Got through this film all the way and that was the first scan. The Prostitute and the Jewish Mental Health Practitioner Client.

25 Mil Budget? Dat Makes Sense. Keep in mind boys. Every time you drop 25 Mil on a new film.

You take away my bible study time. Im behind on that CJC work.

IT HAD BETTER BE GOOD. The only positive indicator may be your poor Box Office Performance.

More to come on this one.

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