Paradigm Shift – Shift To Manifestation By Meditation. Navigation By Ptah Pineal Focus.

You Can Tell That I Have Had These Thoughts On My Mind For A Long Time. 

Because This Picture Is Made From An Image I Did Years Ago.

That The Reality Is. That The Nature Of The Realm Is That.

What Manifests.

Is What We Meditate On. 

This Effect Is Sublime.

And The Totality Of Our Ascension And Our Travels.

Comes From What Graces Our Mind. 

On The Topic Of Conflict.

When I Talk About Masonry, Ive Never Gone And Joined.

But There Are Lodges All Over Australia. So There Are Lots Of People Initiated Into Levels That Mean They Understand The Workings Of Life.

So On This Force. That Attacks Us. And Then Causes Upstream Negativity.

It’s Not A Major Concern. Because All Of Their Commits To The Etheric Realm Are Made In Bad Spirit.

The Orwellian Memory Hole Is A Good Analogy As An Example.

But Realistically, People That Act In Bad Spirit. Their Actions Don’t Stick To The Realm.

So In This Paradigm Shift. We Are Saying. Your Focus. Your Meditation. Is What Manifests. 

Both In Your Personal Life. And In The Realm As A Whole.

There Is A Property Of The Realm That It Is Constructed Of Our Thought.

And We Are Not Conscious Of How Quickly It Can Be Amended.

When I Was In Siam. I Have Told You About The Speed Of Spirituality In That Land. 

I Was Making Mickey Mouse Jokes On The Internet.

Then One Day, I Was In Place, Chilling Smoking Tree.

And I Left The Hotel To Go On A Mission, And Forgot Something. Locked My Keys In The Hotel Room.

A Girl, Came To Help Me. Wearing A Mickey Mouse Shirt.

It’s Almost An Instantaneous Spiritual Response.

As If Beings Manifest At Certain Points As A Function Of The Divine Mind.

So In A Realm Of Infinite Light. The Potential Level Of Our Ascension Is Sublime.

But The Sickness Layer. The Curse Layer.

Endeavours To Corrupt Every Aspect Of Our Life. Curse The Eye. Hex It Into A Box.

It Despises Being Defeated. But Is Easily Defeat Able. Simply Through The Strength Of Our Meditation.

A Number Of Times In My Writing.

I Have Said. And I Have Warned You.

That Things That Are False. Things That Are Fraud. Are Going To Fall Down The Vortex.

In Some Place. I Could See People Mocking That Concept.

But The Fact Of The Matter Is. It Is The Nature Of Life. It’s The Inherent Structure Of The Universe.

And What I Described In This Article:

As A Critical Spiritual Marker In Your Life Of Separating Your Spiritual Body From Your Physical Body.

Again It’s A Very Complex Process To Understand Such That Many Men Won’t Even Believe Or Credit It To Be True. By This I Mean The Launch Of Travel Of Your Spirit Body Into The Astral Realms. I Would Suggest That Few Men Reach This Spirit Marker.

Doing So, Gives Your Being Access To The Higher Light Realms. More Intense Light And Spirit Downloads. More Profound Experiences With Ethereal Beings.

Cults Do Not Want Beings Achieving This Target And There Have Been Forces On Earth For Many Thousands Of Years Cursing Our Energy And Circumcising Our Mind So That We Do Not Reach These Spiritual Goals.

So If You View The Earth Realm As A Layer Cake. With The Heavy Dense Dead Matter Sinking And The Light Ethereal Matter Ascending. Then You Can See If Your Body Does Not Enter The Ethereal Realm, You Ultimately Remain Trapped In The Dead Layer. 

By This You Can See, If Your Mind, If Your Physical Body Never Passes The Physical Goals Where Your Pineal Is Activated And Your Spirit Body Separates. You Never Receive The Light Of The Future. You Become Stuck In Dimension. And Over Time You Are Downwardly Transmuted Into The Dead Layer. 

So Using Siam As An Example. Where I Experienced These Ultra Fast Manifestations. What You Must See Is. Even Though Many People Don’t Experience Awakening. It’s Evident Given That It Is Critical For The Continuation Of Life. Many People Do Hit This Awakening Target. And When You Enter A Lands Like Siam. Before I Have Used The Analogy Of Awakening As A Lotus Flower Opening On A Pond.

Well When You Enter Siam. You Are Entering A Garden Of Awakened Souls Floating On Spirit Ether.

I’m Not Trying To Utter Sweet Words About A Lands With Many Shortcomings.

There Is Still Obviously A Layer Of Yellow Monsters. That We Must Turn Into Gaeng Hung Lay Moo – Yellow Chinese Noodle Pork Dumpling Soup And A Variety Of Other Asian Street Meats.

But At A High Level, We Must Assume Many Of The Spirit Entities In Those Nations. Are Directed By Their High Ascended Spirits That Did Make It Into The Spirit Realm.

Now As Far As Our Sublime Capabilities And The Capabilities Of The Mind In This Realm, Im Probably A Newb.

But It’s Our Meditation That Keeps Us Ascended In The Ultra Intelligent Spirit Ether.

I View Ptah As The God Of Picture Making. Although Im Sure I Researched That Somewhere In The Past. I Can’t Confirm It Now. I Get God Of Craftsmen, Which Is A Similar Thing.

But Through Our Practice Of Crafts Like Art And Picture Making.

We Solidify The Strength Of Our Meditation. The Sensation Of Cutting Ether Becomes Stronger.

And Through Doing This, Our Capability To Influence The Realm Becomes Greater.

The Powers That Be Are So Scared Of Our Ability To Change The Realm With The Strength Of Our Minds Alone.

That They Fill The Mainstream Media With Trash, Slander, Insults, Taunts, Sexual Intrigue.

Principally To Mentally Throw You Off Guard.

Because If You Are In The Mode Of Being Angry. Upset. Annoyed. Or In The Mode Of Responding To Slanderous Accusations.

Your Meditation Is Not As Clear. Your Impact On The Realm, Working In A Nervous Agitated Spirit. It’s Not As Effective.

They Know Exactly What They Are Doing. It’s A Jew Roach Trying To Lower The Tone.

You May Have Once Viewed The Energetic Devices Like Televisions And Computers Around You. As Devices To Entertain You. If You Become A Being Of Strength. They Turn The Devices Against You.

So This Paradigm Shift. We Are Saying We Are Shifting To A Mode. Where The Strength Of Your Meditation. The Strength Of Your Resolve. Is What Will Manifest. The Greater Your Capability To Teach, Explain, Illustrate – All Helps Your Cause.

But In Some Respects As You Ascend. Your Minds Meditation Is What Guides You Through The Spirit Ether. 

We Are Yet To Discover The True Potential Of The Ultra Intelligent Spirit Ether. The True Potential Of The Sharpness Of Our Meditation Both Influencing The Realm And Effecting Manifestation Surrounding Our Being.

In Time. The Dead Souls Will Sink To The Dead Layer. The 666 Suppression Cockroaches WIll Be Bundled And Burned.

You Are Best Off Focusing On The Quality Of Your Works, The Sincerity Of Your Teaching. 

And Through The Strength Of Your Ptah Pineal Focus. You Will Find The Strength To Defeat Corporations, Entire Nations, Bad Spirited Cults. And All Who Try To Cast A Curse Over Your Being.

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