Decoding Aboriginal And Muslim

This Is A Decode Of Both Muslim Women And The Term Aboriginal. 

This Is The First In A Category And Series On Paradigms And Nuances.

It’s Not A Paradigm Shift. But It’s Our Explanation And Teaching Of What The Paradigms Are.

We Also Plan To Keep A Table Of Paradigms And Nuances With Explanations Which Will Be Coming Soonish.

So I’m Not Going To Spend Heaps Of Time On Muslim. 

But In Short. When They Say A Muslim Man Or A Muslim Woman. It Will Be Suggesting People In Babylon. 

We Teach You This That The Muslim Religion Ends Where Christianity Begins.

Also I Believe When They Say Muslim Women, They Are Actually Referring To Men.

They Are Saying Like Feminine Men In Babylon. It’s An Insult.

That Kind Of Communication Probably Comes From The Brown Saudi Muslim Cults Themselves.

I Mean, I Have Seen These Men, And As Young Boys They Walk Around Town Holding Each Others Hands.

Faggots. So Who Gives A Fuck What They Say In Media.

The More Interesting Topic, Is How Are They Using The Term Aboriginal?

In This Post I Said, The Aboriginal Flag Doesn’t Seem To Be What You Should Be Standing Under.

But I Didn’t At That Point Have An Answer As To What Aboriginal People Should Be Claiming To Be.

My Feeling Was Christian. It’s Kind Of Like That But Not Entirely.

If You Decode ABO:

ABO Read: Divine Physical Death Saturn

As In You Haven’t Triggered Your Divine Physical Death

If You Look At Aboriginal

Just The Last Letters You Get: Eye South Divine Base

So Its Like Non Divine Flesh.

So They Are Using Aboriginal For Essentially All Beings Who Are Not Divine.

And They Are Using Aboriginal For All Beings That Are Pre Divine Physical Death.

Surely Aboriginal People Know Standing Under A Black Flag Is Not That Bright.

So Essentially All Races Are Separated By Whether The People Have The Energy To Get Their Spine And Their Eye Up Into The Spirit Realm.

That’s What Mainstream News Reports About Aboriginal Are Referring To. They Are Not Necessarily Just Referring To Black People On The Land.

When You Know That It’s Easier To Decode News Stories Relating To Aboriginal Australians.  

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