Mo Kalamity.

Origin: West African Archipelago.

Destination? Who Knows.

Let me introduce you to a Mysterious friend of mine.


Some say its the pathway to destruction. It just might be for you.

I don’t know where they get that from though.

I call it the Earth Heart Compass.

It’s the 4 Great Winds.
The 4 Cardinal Points of the Compass.
The 4 Chambers of the Heart.

Thats where Im sending you when you get a 44.

If you have been having functionality problems with your own compass. 44 is not a bad way to start correcting them. It is a gate I would recommend exploring. Some that have neglected it. Currently Lost in Space. Stranded at Sea.

So consider it a token of my generous nature.

I think Reggae done got a case of the sniffles. Im gonna get through it without the mask though.

All this weed talk must just be front amongst some of our melanated maties. Herb yall. Usually banish the evil spirits. Really it do. You think I don’t know how weed work? What the shit don’t work for you people? It’s the kind of thing that’ll get you through a brush with the badass Buckners.

Here I go again with my instruction.

Teaching. Little reward.

We gonna pick up our brass bowls. Tibetan ones are good.

An we are going attach them to 3 long copper chains.

And then you are going to attach that to a stick.

And in that bowl you are going to burn your herbs. And the smoke is going to rise up from your bowls. And the Copper Chains are going to covered by the rising smoke.

I’ve gotta spell this shit out before I finish don’t I?
So that you can’t claim that you didn’t understand?
So that can’t claim that you ignored me because my Illustrations were
not water tight.


And your punishment is the Blood timer. With the Smoke Treatment.

You will be burning herbs. And you will be banishing evil spirits.

Do you know what I learned when I first crossed the 44 threshold?

That the long winter has broken.

People from all across the lands of earth have been called forward to spill their blood over their divine intent and conform their intention to bring forward heaven on earth. You people have been bound by time, money and hunger. But are you even worthy to be released from your chains?

I can’t see it yet.

When people take the stage in our nations. France. England. Ethiopia. Egypt. Their music will be Holy. Their thoughts will be Holy. Their Clothes will be Holy.

You think that throwing a white scarf over a hexed orange dress is going to get you out of this situation. Insufficient.

The Reggae Boys been on their black watch business.

Stu goes to bed now.

You people are so difficult to work with.

It’s the impure thoughts in your minds that I find challenging.

Too many funny hand signs. Too little substance.

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