Where You Stand.

Bones Men. Phones Men. Jones Men.

Once again. You only get this once.

All this finger pointing business.

Beneath the checkerboard.

And guess what.

That means you all got something in common.

When you are in my presence. Thats where you stand.

Beneath the checkerboard.

Because Im so High above it. Im like Leonard Pyle stunting with a hand stand on the ladder obstacle.

I hope that you are fast learners.

The Halls. Walls. Galleries. Mirrors.

All mine.

And you have all been sentenced.

1000 years. Hard labor.

In service to my ends.

Your Black & White Onesie Funsy is just about to begin.

This applies to all Bones men. All Phones men. And all Jones men.

The Long Winter Has Broken.

People from all across the lands of earth have been called forward to spill their blood over their divine intent and confirm their intention to bring forward heaven on earth.

That has stood as an invitation.

But there is a sand timer.

What we need to know is.

What are you here for? What is your purpose? What are you building? Why do you deserve to stay here? What conduct do you need to atone for?

If you work for Channel 10. The Project. The BBC. If you have been on the Graham Norton Show. Do wardrobe for Graham Norton. Or Are Graham Norton. You are going to want to invest some time thought and effort in your words. Purple Pushers. The lot of you. And now is your time for atonement.

You think i’m going to look at your silly little blood ritual photo/video? Mistaken. You are committing your blood to the spirit of your creator.
You are confirming your intent for your presence in gods kingdom. And then you are going to fuckin pray that some type of angel or nun somewhere is listening to you. Got it? Good.

Last thing. If you die from some blood infection. I take no responsibility. You have been running around using the wrong currency haven’t you. Dollars and Pounds, shillings and Pence. But you fucked up with the only currency that ever mattered. Your blood. Your spirit. Your intent. Atonement comes with risks. Get some bandaids, some alcohol wipes & a finger prick blood test device. Keep your stupid blood rituals clean please.

Thats all I wanted to say.

Thanks for your time.

Now back to your bananas.





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